Thursday, July 14, 2016

Public Meeting at Tiranga Park as a part of Campaign on All India Strike

The Non-Gazetted Govt. Officer’s Association, Andaman & Nicobar Islands organised a public meeting at Tiranga Park, Port Blair on today evening (09.07.2016) to brief about the circumstances under which National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) has deferred  the proposed All India Strike from 11.07.2016 on 7th CPC issues.
The All India Strike was deferred after getting assurance from the government to refer the demands raised by the NJCA to a high level committee particularly the issues of minimum wage and fitment formula. In his address, Shri T.S.Sreekumar, General Secretary of the Assocaition explained in detail the deliberations made by the NJCA with the Govt. of India for getting the genuine demands accepted and assurance given by the Union Cabinet ministers for referring the demands to a High Level Committee to resolve the same within a specific time period. He urged upon the government employees to come together within a single umbrealla and fight unitedly for their demands. Shri Raj Kumar Saw, General Secretary, Pensioners’ Association in his address criticized the anti employee attitude of the government while implementing the 7th Pay Commission recommendations where none of demands raised by the Employees’ Association were accepted. Briefing, about the details of the recommendations, he expressed concern over the worst ever recommendations made by any Pay Commissions and the attitude of central government.

Shri G.P.Mandal, Vice President, South Andaman Teachers’ Branch threw light over the reasons for conducting such a campaign programme and elaborated certain points in the recommendations made by the 7th CPC. In his address, Shri S.L.Vinjit, Secretary, South Andaman Teachers Branch who also co-ordinated the public meeting explained the reasons behind the united efforts being made by the different employee organisations under a single umbrealla of NJCA which has forced the government to talk with the Staff Side leaders and accept the demands raised by the NJCA. The meeting was attended by a large number of employees working in and around South Andaman area. The meeting was presided by Shri P.Satyapal, President of the Association.

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